GADGETS Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror review

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror review

Improve productivity and multitasking through morning routine work. You can play music from scheduled daily activities, weather, news or directly in the mirror. Get an epic 360-degree audio experience with Sound by Harman Cardon speakers, providing clear treble, clear midrange and heavy bass. The Herman Cardon speakers are only the second speaker after luxury cars like BMW and Range Rover and they will exceed your expectations.
Easily connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Enjoy the latest playlists and podcasts directly from your phone via the sound system available at Zimmer.

Choose from cold, white and warm light. The ring light spreads evenly, so you can see everything clearly. Whether you are outdoors or out of the house, you can be sure to maintain your beauty in any situation.
You can clearly observe the skin without simply touching the mirror by waving the ring light. Each input function on the device has a level of protection to ensure your privacy. You can turn off the microphone by pressing a button and cover the camera lens by sliding the built-in shutter.

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Review

Revolutionary Jimira’s all-in-one smart mirror eliminates the need for all other dressing table products. Its superiority is that luxury cars like BMW and Range Rover usually have high quality Herman Cardon speakers but it doesn’t stop there. As the winner of the CES 2020 Innovation Award, Jimmy takes the smart speaker to a new level. It has a 9-inch diameter tempered glass mirror thanks to its 7-inch LCD touch screen.

If you do not want to touch the mirror or your hands are full, please simply use the Amazon Alexa voice control. This means that an all-in-one smart mirror can tell you the weather, search YouTube, Kindle books and more. Also, this beauty instrument includes mood lights and ring lights. Therefore, you can set the right environment anywhere, or you can choose to highlight your face in the next live video.

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Features

Work step by step with professionals. Resign and reapply until perfect. Ring lights and sex lights simply turn on or off. Extensive integration will not only be on the on / off button, but will also control the brightness settings of the ring light, change the color of the mood light and even YouTube video search.
Personalize your environment and enhance the home environment by changing colors. You can choose from different colors at any time through voice, mobile app or on the touch screen of the mirror.

Just take a selfie to assess skin health, keep an eye on your daily skin condition and help support your journey to improve skin health.While it can be difficult to see a dermatologist or esthetician, Zimmer provides a home-to-home solution for your personal beauty consultant. Jimira can create social distance with all the healthy habits that are far away from the skin. These habits can start during the segregation period but can last for a long time after the epidemic.

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror, user mannual


Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Price

If You Want to buy Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror  You Can Get This Product ₹13239.28 INR Rupees.
And This Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror  Price in Global Market $179 USD

Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Price in USD $179 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Zmirror wonderful smart Mirror Price in India ₹13239.28 RUPEES


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