GADGETSWonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Review

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Review

Wonderspray is very suitable for home and on the go. The precise size and ergonomic design can be comfortably placed on a bathroom countertop and conveniently carried in a backpack, schoolbag or purse while traveling.

The Wondercase is a complete waterproof suitcase made specifically for your Wonderspray. The slim and stylish design and the mini lanyard on top allow you to hang Wonderspray anywhere anytime! The world-class Wonderspray design has a slim and smooth waterproof appearance and has multiple functions built-in like multiple pressure modes, sensor-based sprayers and is very suitable for use during travel, excursions, camping and general convenience. Buttons and beautiful LED display. We bring the latest technology to your bathroom!

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Review

Of course toilet paper can do the job but it can take a long time. Therefore, Wonderspray Portable Bidet is a good choice. Wherever you are, you can provide a great cleaning experience, this portable docking shower can erase everything. After using the bathroom, do not rinse with water, but use natural solvent water instead of some of the surrounding odors. The gadget provides four different spray pressure settings to give you the cleaning experience you need.

Also, it has a customized antibacterial nozzle that can be kept clean anytime, anywhere. Completely waterproof, its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. You may encounter unwanted restrooms that lack facilities when you set up camp or travel. Wonderspray has become a thing of the past, providing a comfortable and refreshing experience wherever you are. Regardless of your age or size, this portable bidet can do the job in seconds, no matter how messy it is.

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Features

Integrate into any bathroom routine
4 Custom pressure settings
1 month charge
100% waterproof and antibacterial
Portable and discreet design
With 4 custom press modes you can clean up in seconds. The pressure mode starts from “light mode” (for gentle clearing) to “excellent mode” (for those who are stubborn).

Wonderful, ergonomic and high-quality Wonderspray design has been repeatedly designed and tested to bring you the ultimate best bathroom experience. Fill your Wonderspray with warm water and spray from the back or front to achieve complete cleanliness.
Drying the paper on these sensitive areas of the body can cause rashes, leave residue, and harmful bacteria can get stuck under you. Water is a natural solvent that we have used for many years to clean. It is the most effective and healthy cleaning method, especially for your back.

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower, USER MANNUAL


WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Price

If You Want to buy WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower You Can Get This Product ₹5851.34 INR Rupees.
And This WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Price in Global Market $79 USD

WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
WonderSpray Portable Butt Shower Price in India ₹5851.34 RUPEES


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