GADGETSViva Collection Smart Pasta Maker price

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker price

The Philips Viva Compact Noodle Machine can complete mixing, knotting and extrusion in 18 minutes, thus ensuring great taste and mouthfill. Through the detachable ingredients, it can be easily set up, disassembled and cleaned. Non-tube This can ensure the best grinding effect The steering rod has an angled multi-pin function that can ensure that the flour and liquid from each corner of the mixing chamber are mixed evenly and thoroughly.

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Review

The Philips Viva series pasta maker lets you make your own pasta. It is easy to use and the device will automatically make delicious pasta. Just add flour, eggs, herbs, vegetables and even the juice of your choice. You can also use different types of flour for flavor. After applying it, Viva Pasta Maker can mix the ingredients and spray fresh pasta in just 18 minutes.

In fact, you can serve 2 to 3 this time, which is perfect for eating at home. With different farming trays, you can make all kinds of pasta. In addition to being easy to use, Viva Pasta Maker is also designed for modern kitchens. It has a small footprint and it can save space in the counter or cabinet. It even has the ability to store internally sized disks.

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Features

Thanks to the uniquely designed stirring rod, 2-3 parts of fresh pasta can be sliced ​​automatically and extruded in just 18 minutes. Wire length: 40 inches
The machine is equipped with 3 default classic forming trays for pasta, macaroni and spaghetti. Special treats can be double-squeezed to ensure that the pasta and noodles are consistently smoothed.

By using different flavors and adding different ingredients (e.g. eggs, vanilla or couch and carrot juice) you can create different types and flavors of pasta.
The space-saving design allows you to keep it on the counter for everyday use
Intelligent built-in storage function, which can resize the disk

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Specification 

COOK TIME:18 Minutes
WEIGHT:10.36 pounds
PRICE IN USD:$179.95
DIMENSIONS:13 x 15.5 x 11.9 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker, user mannual


Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Price

If You Want to buy Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker You Can Get This Product ₹13328.46 INR Rupees.
And This Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Price in Global Market $179.95 USD

Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Price in USD $179.95 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Viva Collection Smart Pasta Maker Price in India ₹13328.46 RUPEES


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