UncategorizedGi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike prices

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike prices

Speed ​​Folding System A patented-pending custom system that allows bicycles to be folded in a simple one-second folding operation. GI Fly is the world’s fastest folding electric bicycle. Take the train, subway or elevator easily. The King of Convenience, your folding G-Fly is designed to be wheeled like a rollable suitcase, so you don’t have to pack your luggage.

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Review

The G-Fly quick-folding electric bicycle allows you to quickly turn from walking to walking. With a patented-pending flyfolding system, this electric bike can be easily folded in just one second. Similarly, the G Fly can be folded easily, so you can roll it on a lift, bus, train or subway. Designed to move around like luggage, you can always roll to yourself without taking a G-Fly.

The 250-watt rear-wheel motor allows you to drive 40 miles while complying with international electric bicycle regulations. Also, the fast-folding electric bike also provides three-speed electric support for your choice. Similarly, you can ride a regular bicycle. Using Bluetooth technology, the G-Fly can detect that you are 10 feet away from the folding bike and automatically locks it. You can also control any activity of mechanical lock or GI fly through the application.

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Features

Electric power support: With a 250 watt rear wheel motor it is enough to drive you 40 miles (about 60 kilometers) and it still complies with the world electric bicycle rules Comp G Fly’s electric booster is a game changer. Choose between three electric assist speeds or ride the GI fly as a regular bike. Climb up the hill and reach your destination quickly and effortlessly.

Maintenance-free: Strong, puncture-resistant tires are specifically designed for electric bicycles and can withstand all things that use pneumatic tires to stop tires in general, such as wires, glass, sharp metal and forks. The steel belt drive system is grease-free. Never deal with tires, debris, dirty pants or broken chains.
Mobile Integration: Keep charging with our USB port and phone holster. The lights are locked. On. Share it. With the G Fly mobile app, you can fully control the work of the bike with just one finger.

Front and rear LED lights: Controlled by our mobile app, G-Fly’s integrated lights let you travel safely at night. If you touch Zia’s hand, the rear brake light will turn on automatically.

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Specification 

Top Speed:15 mph
Weight Limit:100kg
Weight:55 Pounds
PACKAGE CONTENT:Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike, user mannual


Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Price

If You Want to buy Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike You Can Get This Product ₹202130.34 INR Rupees.
And This Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Price in Global Market $2729 USD

Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Price in USD $2729 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Gi Fly smart Folding Electric Bike Price in India ₹202130.34 RUPEES


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