UncategorizedCowboy 3 smart Electric Bike price and review

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike price and review

The Belgian company Cowboy Cowboy 3 has released which is the third generation version of its electric bike. Cowboy 3 has made many improvements to previous generation products and was released with the updated companion app, which has new smart features. The company promises that its new models will bring a more comfortable ride experience, including higher durability, faster climbing and more.

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Review

You will enjoy the joy of riding Cowboy 3 Smart Electric Bicycle Town. This personal vehicle is not only visually appealing, but is also equipped with a collision detection function to enhance safety. With its three built-in sensors, the electric bike can detect a fault. By combining the wheel’s speed sensor, the pedal’s torque sensor and the accelerometer, this smart electric bike can detect if you have had an accident. If you brake too fast, drop your bike or hit a hole so this high-precision detector doesn’t go out.

The best part is that if you’re not sure if you’re OK within a minute, it’ll alert you to an emergency call. Also, it provides intuitive motor support, a battery with a range of 70 km, built-in front and rear protection lights and hydraulic brakes. The Cowboy 3 weighs just 17kg and is easy to use and carry. The app provides real-time dashboard, GPS tracking, navigation and other activities to enhance your horse experience.

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Features

Electric bikes offer the best of both worlds, allowing cyclists to travel more and faster than traditional tricycles without pollution, space requirements and car costs. The Cowboy 3 is as modern and minimal in appearance at first glance as a paddle bike. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn’t attract people’s attention.
The Cowboy 3 has an isolated battery that can somehow be integrated into the frame, thus keeping it largely hidden from the naked eye. W hours00 WH / 10Ah battery 3.5 can be charged 100% for four hours, which gives 43.5 miles per charge.

The new model came with a carbon fiber belt drive that does not require maintenance for about 18,600 miles. Similarly, Cowboys 3 comes with a lower infection ratio, which can start faster during climbing. At the same time, puncture-resistant tires increase safety during riding.
As mentioned earlier, the accompanying mobile app has been updated with new features including crash detection, automatic unlocking and theft warning; Users can now also access air quality maps. Starting later this summer, some cities will offer cowboy mobile service, offering a free bike service option that customers can solve any problems they may face.

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Specification 

Battery Weight:2.4 kg
Battery Range:70km
COLOR:Absolute Black, Anthracite Grey, Mineral Grey
PRICE IN USD:$2715.17
PACKAGE CONTENT:Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike, USER MANNUAL


Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Price

If You Want to buy Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike You Can Get This Product ₹201105.99 INR Rupees.
And This Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Price in Global Market $2715.17 USD

Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Price in USD $2715.17 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Cowboy 3 smart Electric Bike Price in India ₹201105.99 RUPEES


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