GADGETSCalamus One Ultra Drive E Bike PRICE IN INDIA, USA

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike PRICE IN INDIA, USA

The Ultra Bike Frame is a custom-cast bicycle frame with 100% internal wiring. It gives the unit a smooth and full body contour with a tailor-made look. Combined with high quality automotive-grade painting work you will get the whole masterpiece and get the fantastic road technology
These bikes are powered by an overdrive center-mounted motor in Bafang and powered by Gates ’carbon fiber belt, which is highly responsive. They are very efficient. With removable battery and fast charging, Calamus One can give you a range of 50 miles / 80 kilometers on a single charge.

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Review

The Calamus One Ultra-Drive Electric Bicycle is an advanced electric bicycle that lets you commute to and from work easily. These charged electric bikes have Bafang and Bofili’s super-speed medium speed motors, which will help you get the extra torque you need to climb any mountain. Also, Calamus One is highly efficient. With a charge, this electric bike can travel 80 kilometers (about 50 miles). When you think the driving distance of most electric bikes is significantly shorter, it’s just unbelievable.

Also, it has a CDX carbon drive system supplied by Gates. This makes the electric bike a great response. Additionally, it is a durable electric bike because it has a weatherproof computer and a touch screen on it. Most importantly, this electric bike will feel blind spots and warn you through the handlebars if there is any oncoming vehicle. Finally, the Calamus One’s custom-cast one-piece frame and internal cables make it look incredible.

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Features

With an integrated weatherproof computer and a navigation touch screen, the One is the only electric bike that provides integrated support for Android applications, rider profiles and real-time self-diagnosis.
To ensure driver safety when riding on the road, the bike has a built-in ultrasonic sensor that can measure traffic flow from behind, and uses a built-in blanket motor to provide a sensitive response to notify the driver whether to turn / change lanes on the handlebars. The reaction is intuitive and can avoid fatal crashes.

The bike has the function of Google Map and can easily navigate anywhere in the world using the Global Network Card and GPS chip built into the bike.
The bike also has an ultra-fast biometric scanner for locking, unlocking and driver profile detection. Scanner The handlebar is a capacitive fingerprint scanner located at the bottom of the screen.

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Specification 

WEIGHT:46.2 lbs


Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Price

If You Want to buy Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike You Can Get This Product ₹148102.81 INR Rupees.
And This Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Price in Global Market $1997 USD

Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Price in USD $1997 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Calamus One Ultra Drive E Bike Price in India ₹148102.81 RUPEES


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